Nayla Sleiman Al-obeidli

Senior Legal Consultant


In my 20+ years with leading global firms, I have accumulated a wide range of experience in various roles, industries, solutions and across multiple geographies. 

My experience as a top-level executive and an attorney at Law in few jurisdictions, has given me the insight and the expertise required to transform ideas into real life businesses. I had the honour to work with top leaders of fortune 500 companies. I learned business negotiating with government officials, finance experts, and was mentored by Time magazine cover page executives. 

From healthcare projects, how do we bring virtual medical advisory to rural areas, to Oil & Gas pipeline strategies and everything in between. 

In North America, I was taught how to manage change, drive members of my team to adopt it and grow market share.

In South America, I understood the power of masses to financial institutions, the marginalized population, and their impact on the country’s economy. I had the chance to work with NGOs to marry the corporation targets and the help required for the needy, we increased the bank’s market penetration from 5% to 13%.

In my days in Africa, I understood brain drain and how to use technology advances to help bring basic human requirements. I also understood how important it is for major companies to shift their headquarters to Africa and be the platform for the African educated diaspora to come back and lead their countries into a prosperous future.

In the Middle East, I had to connect with my roots, where relationships and values matter as much as the financial gain to be produced. We grew the regional penetration for all the industries we had in the Company’s portfolio (General Electric). From merely 50 employees to over 3500 employees across the region with over 11B in turnover.

Working across Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Power, Water and Oil and Gas was a golden opportunity to make me the woman I am today. 

In my legal journey, I have pushed the boundaries of services into telecommunication, art galleries and artificial intelligence.

Working with The firm allows me to do the work I am passionate about; protect all businessman and women alike. 

Every waking morning is a moment to influence change, to build a solution for a problem, to grow the next generation of a nation.