The Firm offers its clients comprehensive litigation services in commercial, civil, criminal and family law areas. Our lawyers have trained and practiced in civil law jurisdictions and are savvy to litigation intricacies and court procedures that apply specifically to the UAE.  Being Arabic speakers, The Firm litigators are amongst the best-suited lawyers to litigate, using their native Arabic, the case and advocate for the clients before the judges and the experts. Speaking and drafting submissions in the language that is more familiar to the Judge and the expert play an important role in achieving a successful claim or defense.

In line with our internal code of adherence to high standards of client care, our clients are kept informed of the legal proceedings throughout all the stages before and after trial and during the enforcement stage through emails, phone calls or follow up meetings. Our clients feel ownership of the procedures due to our keenness to explain each step to them and seek their comments and approval where it is necessary.

In complex and high value litigation cases, a risk assessment report and strategy is usually drawn up before filing the action in consultation with our client. The document identifies weaknesses and strength of the case and is usually billed for a reduced lump sum fee.  

While we usually bill our clients hourly, we adopt a flexible fees policy when it comes to litigation. Fixed lump sum fees and other capped hourly fees can be arranged. 

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