Client Care and Billing Policy

We devote big time for client care in line with our investment in long relationship with clients. Our timely and clear progress reports and follow up meetings are one of the pillars that are highly valued by our clients. We understand the stress our clients experience during legal proceedings and it is our duty not to become another source of concern and to assure our clients that they are taken care of.

Confident of the quality of our services, we adopt a policy of no charges for the first meeting up to 40 minutes. We guarantee you a friendly welcome and a meaningful advice that assists you to select the best strategy to look after your interests.

We will not charge you for picking up the phone or sending a short follow up email. We bill according to the real value of our work that is not disconnected from reality.

While we usually bill hourly, we will advise you on the most economic fee arrangement that suits your business: lump sum and contingent fee arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis if found convenient and economic for your work.

Staffing for assignments takes into consideration the complexity of each assignment and our internal policy is to manage the case in the most economic way possible.

We appreciate the loyalty of your clients, and we usually offer them preferential rates for future retainers.

A detailed time sheet is maintained at all times and is made available on a monthly basis, or depending on the progress of work.




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